Bryan Calandrelli began his career in television and film by working freelance camera operation gigs in Miami, Los Angeles and New York. It was in New York City and the North Fork of Long Island where his fascination with wine really took hold. His attempts at keeping a journal of what he was learning resulted in a wine blog that opened the door to one of his current writing gigs at the New York Cork Report, an all-New-York-State wine, beer and food website.

In 2007 the burgeoning Niagara Wine Region led him back to his roots in Niagara County where he immediately immersed himself in the young region’s wine community. While working with local winemakers and writing about the region’s progress, his knowledge of many aspects of the trade also grew.

As a contributor to Buffalo Spree magazine, Bryan continues to push to raise the awareness of local wines while helping establish a community that brings fellow wine lovers from all walks of life together.

Having never lost the passion to communicate via motion pictures and new media, Bryan is currently looking to broaden his storytelling beyond the written word and is working on films featuring the wine, food, agriculture and tourism that make up both this corner of New York State and beyond.